Sprint or Marathon?

By | May 27, 2016

There is an important question we need to personally consider when doing business online, are we in a sprint or are we in a marathon?

The same mistake is made time and time again in online business – we fall for the hype of believing we can make a lot of money in a short period of time. This is not only a problem for newcomers to the industry. Sometimes “experienced” marketers fall for the same hype.

We need to compare our being in business online as being in a marathon as opposed to a sprint. Runners in a marathon know that it is not the fastest person who crosses the finish line first, but the one who sets a steady and reasonable pace according to his/her physical condition. Runners in a marathon also realize that Completing the marathon is more important than Winning it. Runners who complete a marathon have a sense of satisfaction that no one can take a way from them – not matter if they came in 3rd or 300th.

For those in the industry that feel they are in a sprint will exert lots of energy in a short time and then either give up or go on to the next “shinny object.” Granted, it is not wrong to want to earn lots of money in a short period of time, but in today’s business climate it is not very realistic. Yes, I said today’s BUSINESS climate. We in the Online Business Industry are in BUSINESS. The sooner we realize that and all that being in business entails, the sooner we will have more realistic expectations of what we can accomplish.

There is a great deal that can be said on this subject. That is just my “two cents” in a “nutshell.” No, I have not been as successful online as I would like in all the years I have been at it, but I have Stuck With It “all these years.” I have no one to blame but myself. Period. There is no “fair” or “unfair” in business (relatively speaking of course), it’s simply BUSINESS. We have to learn how to take the bad with the good and “suck it up and drive on” as they used to tell us in the army.

Thanks for reading my latest blah blah blah. I hope it does someone at least a tiny bit of good 🙂

Yours in success,

John L. Brewer

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2 thoughts on “Sprint or Marathon?

  1. Jon Olson

    Yup, pretty much bang on….Loved this article John.

    Trust me I know all about following the shiny object….I did it for the first 5 years I was online. lol

    1. admin Post author

      Thanks Jon,

      I guess we all have done the “shiny object thing” at one point or another 🙂


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