How Important Is Branding?

Think of certain stores, restaurants, etc that you frequent. Do they have a logo?

Think of places that you don’t necessarily frequent or do business with at all. Do you know their logo?

In the offline business world, logos are the lifeblood of any company – it’s their “bread and butter.”
Offline business owners know that if their logo is known, that translates as business for them.

Why do we think differently in Online Business?

I can’t tell you how often I see white or grey “blobs” on promotions instead of a profile picture or logo.

How in the HECK is someone going to “know, like and trust” you if you don’t even put your picture on your ad?
Answer: THEY WON’T!

Branding is very important in the online business world. Unfortunately, the mistake that is often made in our industry is that people underestimate the value of branding. The advantage we have in the online business industry is that we have the opportunity to connect personally with our “customers” at a fraction of the cost that it takes offline business to do the same thing. We have the chance to put our personal brand on all the advertising we send out at a very low cost and often even for free.

Having said that, there ARE folks who use profile pictures on their ads, but sometimes these are pictures of their children, pets, famous people or brand logos (which is illegal without permission). It’s their choice if they want to do that, but does that say anything about THEM or the brand that they want to promote?

We need to get our act together in the online business industry if we are serious about being successful. Times have changed folks. The stuff that used to work in the past doesn’t work anymore. People want to deal with people that they can practically “reach out and touch.” People want to be able to identify a product with a person. People want to buy from folks that they “know like and trust” if they have the choice to do so.

We can’t get folks to know us if we are hiding who we are. If we are scared to put our face on our promotions then maybe we should not be in this business.

What do you think?

Yours in Success,

John L. Brewer

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