Are You An Active Part Of The Industry?

Making full use of your memberships

Personally, I think being able to take an active part in a program or service that you are a member of is a Plus Plus situation.

I have experienced memberships in which the program says you will have input, but when you actually go through the motions, your concerns and suggestions are sidelined, or you get a standard generic response that in the end leads to nothing. So when I come across a program or service that lets me take an active part in some way, I highly appreciate it.

Having said that, it is important to mention that I am not always as active as I CAN BE in certain programs. Is that your situation as well? Are you a member of a program or service that encourages you to participate in a number of ways - including taking part in live training an interaction in some form or another? If you are, then you need to realize the value of that.

There are three programs that I am a part of that allows me to take an active part in one way or another:

Click Track Profit, Build A Biz Online and Mardox Marketing (listed in the order that I joined them).

I have been with Click Track Profit almost from the beginning of my 10 plus years of internet marketing and have always been impressed with the training and also the opportunities to be actively involved in the program in many ways.

When I first joined Build A Biz Online I was impressed with the tools and services offered at a modest price. But I was even more impressed with the way the program owner - Ian Stewart, was accessible per the support system as well as Skype. Whenever I contact him he responds as soon as he can. He is also one of the nicest people I have met in the industry.

Then there is Mardox Marketing. The first time I took a look at this program (a year ago next month) I was impressed with the down-to-earth and natural way that the program owner Nelson Buck presented his information in his videos. He mentioned that he was available on Skype if anyone wanted to contact him. I thought I would give it a try and see if that was true - the rest is history. I have been an active participant in the program ever since. Nelson Buck truly appreciates when someone has an active interest in being successful in our industry, and will give you every opportunity possible to be an active part of Mardox Marketing - including promoting any programs or services that you may be the owner of or that you may think has value to people in the industry.

So, if you have the opportunity to be an active part in a program, service, networking community, etc. Then please take advantage of it. There is nothing more valuable. The team members of the CTP Teams team of Lucky 13 and Lucky 13 Too know full well what I am talking about. I have been more than honored to be a part of such an outstanding networking community.

I also have to say that recently I had a difference of opinion with someone in that networking community who I like very much and respect his success and experience in the industry even more. I have apologized to him, but somehow I feel that I have not done enough to let him know how truly sorry I am for letting my emotions and my sincere desire to help lead me to seem pushy and to say some things that were completely out of line. So.... Mr. Tony Tezak, I take this opportunity to say in public that I am truly truly sorry and hope that you can truly forgive me.

Thank you for reading my blah blah blah.

Yours in Success,

John L. Brewer

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Tools of the Trade

HOW We Do What We Do

Sometimes when we go about our business in Online Marketing we concentrate more on promotion of our products than we do anything else.

In addition to promoting, it is also important for us to concentrate on (among other things) HOW we do what we do.

Simply advertising our products and services is not enough. We have to know how to PRESENT our offers and how to TRACK our results. THAT is how we Build Our Brand. Building our brand is more than just putting a picture or logo on our advertising. Building Our Brand also means showing what we are all about as a business entity

We also need to have our "finger on the pulse of the industry" to know what is truly needed and how to fulfill that need in a way that contributes to honesty and integrity of the industry. Honesty and integrity may seem like two terms that don't exist to a great extent in our industry. That needs to change.

The recent PayPal “shakeup” has opened the eyes of our industry in a way that was long overdue. We often complain about all the junk we see being pushed in our industry, but what are we doing about it? By “we” I mean those of us who claim to base our businesses on honesty and integrity.

As marketers we should “see a need and fill a need.” At the moment that “need” is bringing integrity back into the industry. THAT is a responsibility of each and every marketerwhether we think so or not.

So remember, as marketers we need to use the Tools of our Trade in order to do what we do in a was that is beneficial to our target market and that is beneficial to our bottom line.

Thanks again for reading my blah blah blah.

Yours in Success

John L. Brewer

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Building a Marketing Community

The recent PayPal drama has taken our little industry by storm - for better or worse. I would say for the better.
Why? Well, because it forces us in this industry to examine ourselves. This examination can be taken from many perspectives. One perspective is Networking.

Networking is Vital to the Internet Marketing Industry

One thing that is important to understand in our line of business is that we are not alone, nor should we want to be. This can be seen from the way many marketers are communicating with each other as to how the recent PayPal drama has affected their business and what they have done or will do about it. It is an outstanding thing to be able to do - and so "effortlessly." We don't have to arrange for meetings at cafes, restaurants or other areas. All we have to do is go online. The question is, do we talk to other marketers? If your answer to that question is no, then you need to change that RIGHT AWAY!

Together We Stand, Divided We Fall

When people in our industry communicate with each other we are contributing not only to the success of our individual businesses, but to the industry as a whole. You have probably heard the advice to "surround yourself with people smarter than yourself." That is what we do when we network. Don't be too put off by the term 'smarter.' Being 'smarter than someone else or someone else being smarter than you has nothing to do with our level of education - it has to do with our experiences and skills. We all have many different experiences in life and in business. We have had successes and we have had failures. The key is to learn from those things. The more we discuss with others the successes and failures that they have had, the more we learn. We can ALL learn SOMETHING from SOMEONE.

There is No "One Size Fits All" Solution.

When we network with others we will discover that people have different ways of doing the same task or achieving the same goal. Sometimes their method is not necessarily "right or wrong," its simply "different. Therefore we should try not to be too opinionated and realize that sometimes we will simply have to "agree to disagree" and drive on.

The Internet Marketing Industry is much to vast to get stuck in one particular view. If it works for you (and is moral and ethical), then by all means do your thing. But can you adjust "your thing" according to some tips or tidbits of information that you received from others? Sometimes we have to "climb down off of our egos" and admit that we need to change the way we do things. That is simply the way of business and the way of life.

Who do you surround yourself with?

Personally, being a part of different "marketing systems" or "marketing communities" has been very beneficial for me. The main ones being Click Track Profit, Build A Biz Online and Mardox Marketing (in the order of my exposure to them). Being a part of those communities or systems has helped me gain some very valuable knowledge over the years.

Don't stand alone - especially now. The wind of change is blowing in the industry. Together we can keep from being blown over by it.

Thanks for reading my blah blah blah.

Till next time!

Yours in success,

John L Brewer

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The PayPal Drama – Good for the industry?

Anyone who owns a Traffic Exchange, Safelist, Membership Site, etc should be aware of the latest "slap in the face" by PayPal. It has sent shock-waves through the industry. The question is, who's fault is it? Before we all start yelling 'it's not fair' maybe we need to evaluate our own part in this dilemma.

Those of us who use PayPal exclusively have to ask ourselves the question - "do I have all my eggs in one basket?"

No one saw this coming, but it came. PayPal could have given us fair warning, but they didn't. So now here we are. For those who already had other payment options set up on their sites - BRAVO! Only some of their "eggs" were "broken" by PayPal. For the others - were we all simply too comfortable with PayPal? So comfortable that we didn't even consider a backup plan in case something went wrong? Hmmmmm....

Something very positive that has come out of this is that it forces those who are honest and serious players in this industry to start focusing on the VALUE and LEGITIMACY of what we have to offer. Like it or not the industry is flooded with hype and with enough folks ready to jump on anything that may make them a quick buck. That is NOT what this industry is supposed to be about. Are we letting the "snake oil salesmen" dictate how we are looked at to the general public and to those entering the industry?


If you get paid to do specific tasks for someone who runs an online business, THAT is a job. If you want to earn money by promoting products and services online, THAT is a business. There is a huge difference, and it's high time that those of us who truly care about the legitimacy of our industry to start making sure that is known as we go about our daily business and advertising. 

There is a lot to be said on this issue. It would really be nice to hear what you folks out there think about what I have said here.

Thanks for listening to my "blah blah blah!"

Yours in Success,

John L. Brewer

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