Tools of the Trade

By | November 20, 2016

HOW We Do What We Do

Sometimes when we go about our business in Online Marketing we concentrate more on promotion of our products than we do anything else.

In addition to promoting, it is also important for us to concentrate on (among other things) HOW we do what we do.

Simply advertising our products and services is not enough. We have to know how to PRESENT our offers and how to TRACK our results. THAT is how we Build Our Brand. Building our brand is more than just putting a picture or logo on our advertising. Building Our Brand also means showing what we are all about as a business entity

We also need to have our "finger on the pulse of the industry" to know what is truly needed and how to fulfill that need in a way that contributes to honesty and integrity of the industry. Honesty and integrity may seem like two terms that don't exist to a great extent in our industry. That needs to change.

The recent PayPal “shakeup” has opened the eyes of our industry in a way that was long overdue. We often complain about all the junk we see being pushed in our industry, but what are we doing about it? By “we” I mean those of us who claim to base our businesses on honesty and integrity.

As marketers we should “see a need and fill a need.” At the moment that “need” is bringing integrity back into the industry. THAT is a responsibility of each and every marketerwhether we think so or not.

So remember, as marketers we need to use the Tools of our Trade in order to do what we do in a was that is beneficial to our target market and that is beneficial to our bottom line.

Thanks again for reading my blah blah blah.

Yours in Success

John L. Brewer

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2 thoughts on “Tools of the Trade

  1. Fran Klasinski

    Hi John Truthful post. Years of twisting the basics having created a major headache for some comes home to roost on those responsible for the questionable changes.

    It explains the copycat followers as well. When a mentor/guide/leader misleads then the chaos that follows is inevitable.

    The unfortunate cost to many will one day come full circle in understanding. It was not the wrong road you chose but the wrong leaders.

    NOW is the time to make it all right again for all.


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