Why you should use an AutoResponder

What are the benefits of using an autoresponder?

Simply said, autoresponders help your Online business to prosper.

First of all, what exactly is an autoresponder?

An autoresponder allows you to automate a series of emails to people on your list (you ARE building a list aren't you?)

You can create several types of email campaigns and then set the schedule as to when these emails are sent to the people on the list.

You can also send out a "broadcast" that will go out to your entire list if you have some information you would like them to know about right away.

Why should you use an autoresponder?

The idea behind marketing should be to build a relationship with your customers/prospects. What better way to do that than by emailing them?

Building a relationship does not mean bombarding folks with "buy my stuff" links. It's about connecting with your audience and them connecting with you.

You need to let folks know who you are and what you are all about. People need to get an idea of the type of person they are dealing with. When people connect with you because you come across in a way that they like, then you turn prospects into customers, and customers into repeat customers.

Regardless of what you are promoting online, you need to get people to Know, Like and Trust you. That is EXACTLY what you can do with an autoresponder.

Autoresponders come in different "shapes and sizes." Some are easy, some are complicated. Some are free, most of them cost. I would recommend staying away from free autoresponders simply because "you don't get what you don't pay for." There is a difference between a "free trial" and a free service altogether. Not that free autoresponders are terrible, but they simply have limitations that paid autoresponders don't have. Also, a free autoresponder service might simply disappear from one day to the next, leaving you "hanging" and tarnishing your brand - that know like and trust thing that you have been working so hard at building.

Don't put all your eggs in one basket.

Auto responder services can be quite expensive, but they can also be very affordable as well. Inexpensive autoresponder services allow you to maybe have two or even three services that you use. Considering what happened with the recent pay processor problem, we should seriously think about having at least one backup autoresponder service in case something goes wrong.

Rise above your fears.

Some people don't use auto responders because they simply don't understand them and are afraid that they may "break" something if they use it and do something wrong. Sure, it's a bit of a learning curve, but it is a learning curve that can be taken step by step and managed quite well.

Some don't use an autoresponder because they think they are simply too expensive.

There are two autoresponder services that I presently use and humbly recommend for those looking for a way to take advantage of this very necessary tool without "breaking the bank." And yes, I get a comission if you join using my links. Not that you think I'm trying to be sneaky or something - lol.

The first is Rocket Responder.

What I like most about Rocket responder (besides being affordable for my humble budget) is that it is VERY easy to use. Even if you have no idea about how an autoresponder works, you will do fine with Rocket Responder because of how simple and clear things are set up, and there is a tutorial feature that will guide you through each step.

Another thing I appreciate about Rocket Responder is that my lists were not deleted right away when I was late paying my monthly fee. Very cool for those of us with "micro budgets" that can sometimes be quite unstable - sometimes you have the funds, sometimes you don't.

Rocket Responder will cost you $20 a month for unlimited subscriptions.

The next autoresponder comes as a FREE Bonus for Pro members at Buildabizonline.

Buildabizonline is a Marketing System that offers many useful and necessary tools for today's Internet Marketer.

The fact that you get the autoresponder as a free bonus to being a member of Buildabizonline is a "win win."
It is not as "feature rich" as Rocket Responder, but it is a very good and functional autoresponder.

There are also easy to understand video tutorials on the site to show you step by step how things work.

Buildabizonline will cost you $6 a month for the normal pro plan and $10 a month for the upgraded version. It's really a great Marketing System.

So... what ya gonna do?
If you aren't using an autoresponder for whatever reason then you really need to do so.
Go ahead... take the plunge!

If you have any questions feel free to ask!

Thanks for reading my blah blah blah.

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Yours in Success,

John L. Brewer
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False Advertising

Produce What You Promise

I HATE being misled. It happened today. I'm very annoyed. My being annoyed might not mean much to the individual readers of this post, but when a bunch of other folks are also annoyed about the same thing, then it should make a difference to the one who mislead everyone. At this point you are probably thinking... "What the heck are you talking about John?" Well, let me tell you what's up.

While surfing I saw a promotion that caught my eye. It was a promotion for a Traffic Exchange. The ad stated "Simple, Straight to the Point, easy to follow Step-by-Step Training System designed to Help You Generate Higher Online Income Levels." I thought to myself, 'hmmm, that sounds interesting. I wonder what type of training they offer?' So - even though I a member of far too many TEs as it is, I signed up.

After going through the signup process I excitedly went to the site to see what sort of training I would find there. I am always on the lookout for anything that adds to my Internet Marketing knowledge and that I can also share with others. Well, I was greatly disappointed. There was NOTHING. No training what-so-ever. If there is some training on the site I did not find it. I would have written a support ticket and asked about it, but the contact link did not work!

Needless to say my impression of this site and the person who owns it is not a good one. Now, don't get me wrong, I am not bad-mouthing the site or the owner. I am simply sharing my experience. But there are those that WOULD bad-mouth the site and the owner.

My point is this: this is a perfect example of branding. A BAD example. If I had this experience with this advertisement and subsequent visiting of the site, I wonder how many others have? Our industry needs to turn itself around. This is the type of thing that feeds all the trash talk about how crappy the Online Business Industry is and how "we are all a bunch of scammers."

We need to pay attention to what we promote as affiliates and what we present and provide as owners. If we don't, then our industry will continue in the downward spiral it seems to be on in many ways.

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John L. Brewer

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Gamification – What Say You?

Badges and stickers and puzzles- Oh My!

To play or not to play, should that even be a question? First of all, lets define what gamification actually is:

  1. the application of typical elements of game playing (e.g. point scoring, competition with others, rules of play) to other areas of activity, typically as an online marketing technique to encourage engagement with a product or service.
    "gamification is exciting because it promises to make the hard stuff in life fun"

Why did I show that definition? Well, because there seems to be a misunderstanding of what the term means. When I say that, remember that I am speaking simply about the meaning of the term and not the quality of the application of the word. I have heard all kinds of comments about this subject - both positive and negative.

I guess the question needs to be 'what is the goal of gamification?' It's not that program owners were bored and had nothing else better to do but start adding these things to their TE, Safelest, Blog, etc. All program owners should have the goal of giving people a reason to come to their site. The first and overall reason needs to be the quality and usefulness of what they have to offer. After that, program owners try different things to get folks to come to their site, use their service, read their blog, etc.

To me, collecting badges, finding letters, claiming zubees, defeating enemies and collecting items are simply an incentive to surf, read safelist mails, subscribe to a blog, etc. Some people do get a bit carried away with these things (like writing nasty support tickets when these games don't work correctly), but those folks simply need to realize that these elements are simply incentives and have no bearing on the success of what they are promoting.

There are even some positive aspects to some of these games, like getting advertising credits at different sites when you click on the the Viral Traffic Games button and move your character, or getting CTP 'XP' for collecting badges or reaching certain prize pages. Even though that may be the case, some people seem to complain about gamification (imagine that - lol).

The bottom line is that we have a choice as to whether we claim that badge, click on that game button, etc. We can even discuss the quality of the games and things that are available, but do we really need to complain about gamification itself? When you walk into a store and see a display that says you can fill out the card and be eligible to win a prize, you either do it or you don't - but do you complain about it?

Sometimes surfing traffic exchanges and claiming credits for safelist emails can be a bit boring. So why not have some gamification elements to make things a bit more fun? What do you think? I would love to read your comments about it!

Thanks for reading my blah blah blah.

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Yours in Success,

John L. Brewer

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