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Constructive criticism?

By | February 7, 2017

You know, it is everyone’s right to disagree with someone or to not like a particular product or service, but there is a point where we can get carried away.I write this post because of comments I have been hearing in my networking circles and some public settings on topics such as “gamification,” pay processors,… Read More »

Passion to Business

By | February 5, 2017

People often go into online business for the wrong reasons and often with false expectations. Remember the meaning of the word “Business” is quite different than the meaning of the words “hobby” or “pastime.” A business requires an investment of both Time and Money, but there is one important element that is absolutely essential to… Read More »

A Smart Business Decision?

By | February 2, 2017

I recently had what I will call a “support ticket exchange” after several sites I was not allowed to ad some sites to a particular TE because they are on the TE’s “banned site list.” I thought ‘hmmm why on EARTH is my blog on their banned list?’So, I wrote a support ticket and got… Read More »