How NOT to do business

Even when a "Guru" tells you to do it this way.

Hello folks,

This is something I MUST get off my chest.

The Internet Marketing industry is more competitive now than it ever has been - and the way we do things have changed considerably.

But one thing that has NOT seemed to change is the BULL CRAP subject lines that some use in their email campaigns.

Worse yet, people are forgetting (or not being taught) how much of a difference the "personal touch" makes.

What Led To This Post

I was just checking my emails and came across one with the following subject line:

"Cha-Ching ! John You Just Referred A New Online Sales Pro."


(Did I mention that such a subject line is wrong?)

First of all, I am not a member of any "Online Sales Pro" program. Second of all, this breaks all of the codes of ethics that serious marketers need to have.

I know I don't need to tell many of you this, but to those readers who are relatively new to this industry this is important information.

You know what's even worse? I wrote an email to the "person" who sent me the original email (It was sent through because they were "nice enough" to put their contact email in the sales pitch. When I sent the email I received an immediate answer - from an autoresponder. With another sales pitch. does put the following disclaimer at the end of their emails: "DISCLAIMER: We are not responsible for false or
misleading information sent from other members and recommend investigating all offers thoroughly before making any purchase decisions."

The disclaimer is fine, but I think there should be a way to report people who use subject lines such as these. 

At any rate folks - please stay away from things like that. It's simply bad business practice.

If I would have been able to contact this person directly we could have opened up a dialog with one another that may or may not have led to future business of some sort. At the very least it would have expanded our personal network.

Now I have a very bad impression of this person and will probably avoid doing any business with him if he contacts me.

Serious food for thought folks.

That's about all I have for the moment.

Thanks for reading my blah blah blah.

I would really like to know what you think about this topic.

Please leave your comments – that is what makes the whole “system” work.

Till next time!
Yours in Success,

John L. Brewer
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Why Do We Join A Program . . .

. . . And Then We Do Nothing?

Hello everyone.

This is a topic that is familiar to many of us in the industry, both as program owners and users. Many of us have probably been guilty of this at one time or another - we join a program... and then we do nothing with it. Yes, I include myself among the guilty.

Case in point:

Out of more over 50 members in my downline at Click Track Profit, only 2 have logged in this year (2017), and out of the more than 120 members I have under me at Mardox Marketing, very few are active.


Why do we do this? Why do we join things and simply do nothing with the product or service that we join? Well, the answer to that is different for different people. There are a variety of "categories" of people who join Internet Marketing programs and services.

  • People looking to "get rich quick"
  • People looking for ways to honestly earn money online
  • People looking to increase their Internet Marketing knowledge base
  • People looking for useful products and services to enhance their marketing
  • People looking for Affiliate Programs
  • People looking for new and varied advertising mediums

The list goes on and on!

The question we have to ask ourselves is why do WE join things and do nothing with what we join. As I mentioned earlier, the answers vary depending on the individual. Some people simply jump from one "shiny object" to the other hoping to "strike gold." Some folks simply spread themselves a bit to thin with trying to do all they can do to be successful online. Some have every intention of using the programs and services that they join, but "life get's in the way" - especially for those who do Internet Marketing on a part-time bases. Also, sometimes we join things and it turns out not be what we thought it would be. Of course many other reasons can be added to this list.

It is up to us as Marketers - no matter what stage of marketing we are at, to try to actually focus on becoming successful and taking the necessary action to do so. That involves not only joining things, but making sure we use those things that we join to advance our business, brand and marketing presence.

Should we give up on those who are inactive?

Not necessarily. While we have to be careful not to spend too much time on those who are inactive while ignoring those who "buy/join our stuff," we should try to encourage them to once again become active. Sometimes all that takes is a simple automatic email from within the program or service letting the member know that their account is inactive - reminding them that if they are using the program they belong to in order to advertise, that their ads will become inactive soon or have already become inactive.

Some program owners may choose to purge the inactive members from their lists. That is a personal decision. It is important to remember that sometimes "sleepers" wake up for one reason or another and start becoming active once again.

There are two perspectives that we need to view this issue from -  the perspective of the program owner and that of the user.

From a program owner standpoint, we should not be too quick to judge those who have become inactive. As we said before - it is what it is, and there are different reasons for it.

From a users standpoint, we need to try to keep track of all the memberships we have, and try to be active in them. Tools such as "All Of My Links" are really good for that.

Thanks for reading my blah blah blah.

I would really like to know what you think about this topic.

Please leave your comments – that is what makes the whole “system” work.

Till next time!
Yours in Success,

John L. Brewer
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