Can Ad Mediums make people Pay Attention to our ads?

By | March 20, 2018

Or is that Our responsibility?

I recently had an interesting discussion with an ad medium that blocked me from viewing ads for the rest of that day because I did not pick the correct "last site viewed" choice on the control question. Which is what spawned this blog post. This IS NOT in any way a complaint about the ad medium in question. The discussion simply brought the topic to my mind.

The question is not if someone should be prevented from viewing ads for a specified amount of time for answering the control question wrong - there is nothing wrong with that. The main reason for control/security questions is to ensure that a real person is viewing the ads as opposed to a "bot" or something similar.

The question is, can we really MAKE people Pay Attention to our ads?


Viewing vs. Paying Attention.

You may be wondering what the difference is between someone "viewing" an ad versus someone "paying attention" to one. Well, it's pretty clear when you give it a little thought.

For example, we see hundreds of commercials every day while watching television, but most of the time we don't pay them very much attention. We saw that a commercial came on, so we may have decided to go to the bathroom, or do something else until the commercial is over. That is a "view." We saw that the commercial came on, but that's pretty much it.

But sometimes - for whatever reason, a commercial catches our eye. We may have even seen that very same commercial hundreds of times, but for some particular reason, we decided to take a closer look, or "pay attention" to it.


Who's responsibility is it?

Can an advertising medium actually  MAKE someone pay attention to our ads? Not really, and it's not their job to do so. The job of an advertising medium is to do their best to see that our ads are getting the best market exposure possible and that the ads are being seen by real people. There are many ways that this is accomplished, the basic method being a countdown timer. I am not going to get into many of the other methods available because that is not the scope of this blog post.

Whether someone pays attention to our ads or not is absolutely positively up to us, the advertiser! There is a reason we are encouraged to make our ads stand out by using various ad design techniques - such as using video, attention-grabbing headlines, buttons, etc.


The conclusion of the matter.

As I mentioned earlier, there exist a wide variety of methods that advertising mediums can use to make sure that our ads are being viewed by real people and not machines. But the obligation of getting someone to pay attention to our ads rests solely on the advertiser.

What do you think?

Thanks for reading my blah blah blah.

I would really like to know what you think about this topic.

Please leave your comments – that is what makes the whole “system” work.

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6 thoughts on “Can Ad Mediums make people Pay Attention to our ads?

  1. Fran Klasinski

    When I do my clicking, I take my time.
    I am interested in several things …
    1. Style – what did it say to me?
    2. Colors – man I am getting new eyes but those colors scream at me and leave me blind?
    3. The most important part I try to teach others …
    What ads dominate an TE, mailer, safelist etc!
    Extremely important as it tells me the market using that platform and if they will be responsive
    to what I have to offer.

    And I had to laugh at you being caught by that same catch me if I missed the ad.
    People tend to call, connect or other wise distract me while I am surfing there.
    Bet my number of times had to weight easily match yours lol.

    Great article – creating the need to think and rethink why we are clicking.
    We are all advertisers aren’t we?

    Have a great day!


    1. John L. Brewer Post author

      Lol, At least I’m not the only one it happens to!

      Those were some very interesting points you made Fran.
      Thanks for your comment!

  2. Elizabeth Reed

    Great post John. You hit on a great point about affiliate marketing that I don’t think a lot of us pay attention to.

    I love the analogy between tv commercials and online marketing. And it is so true. As I “Surf” or read mailings on various sites, in the past I found myself only looking for the ones that made promises. (BIG mistake)

    Now that I have found what I want to promote the most (for now). I am starting to pay closer attention to HOW others are promoting on these sites. I am also paying VERY close attention to membership statuses of sites.

    Anyway, back on topic. It is true that the ad mediums are put in place to make a site FAIR for ALL. But there are many that do try to cheat their way through the systems.

    This HURTS the sites which in turn hurts the users of those sites.

    When it comes to traffic exchanges and safelists/viral mailers, yes they can be tedious and annoying sometimes (ok a lot of the time). But if we look at them as RESOURCES to help us learn HOW to FOCUS, How to Promote, Where to promote, and ways to help each other, then we will truly see the advantages of the sites and the features that are available on them like the ad mediums.

    1. John L. Brewer Post author

      Hello Elizabeth,

      Thank you for your comment.

      You have some very thoughtful insight and experiences on this topic.
      I really appreciate your input!

  3. Ellyn R Weber-Bynum

    OK, I’m gonna play ignorant for a minute (LOL), only because I’ve never heard the term “ad medium” used in the traffic exchange/viral mailer community before.

    When you say “ad medium”, are you just using it generally…like you would use “advertising platform”, to describe a specific traffic exchange or mailer? Or are ad mediums a new type of advertising site I’ve never heard of? 😀

  4. John L. Brewer Post author

    Hi Ellyn,
    Yes, I am using the term ad medium” the same as “advertising platform.”
    So no worries, I’m not talking about anything new 🙂

    Sorry it took so long to answer your question.


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