Reasons, or Excuses?

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Reasons, or Excuses? What say you? Reasons, or Excuses? You remember how as children made the craziest excuses for not doing something we were supposed to do or for doing something that we were not supposed to do? Well, the same thing still happens to us as adults. The difference is, we have the benefit […]

How NOT to do business

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Even when a "Guru" tells you to do it this way. Hello folks, This is something I MUST get off my chest. The Internet Marketing industry is more competitive now than it ever has been – and the way we do things have changed considerably. But one thing that has NOT seemed to change is […]

Why Do We Join A Program . . .

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. . . And Then We Do Nothing? Hello everyone. This is a topic that is familiar to many of us in the industry, both as program owners and users. Many of us have probably been guilty of this at one time or another – we join a program… and then we do nothing with […]

Promote Your Program!

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Don't Expect Others To Promote it for you! Hello Everyone! Here I am again 🙂 While it may be rather obvious to many program owners that they need to promote their program or service in order to get more business, sometimes I wonder if it’s as obvious as it should be. You would think that […]

What is a Community?

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And why is this question important? Hello everyone! Sorry it has been so long between posts, but I have been very busy and very tired 🙂 Lately I have been thinking about the word “community” and what it actually means. There are many definitions for this word, but the one that best fits the purpose […]

How is our reflection?

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What we say and do affects our brand Our business dealings are a reflection of who we are as people.  In our industry people normally only get a short amount of time to “meet” us. This comes through our advertising, blogging, videos, live online broadcasts, etc. As is often the case, first impressions are lasting […]

Constructive criticism?

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Or Negative Bashing? You know, it is everyone’s right to disagree with someone or to not like a particular product or service, but there is a point where we can get carried away. I write this post because of comments I have been hearing in my networking circles and some public settings on topics such […]

Passion to Business

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Finding Your Niche People often go into online business for the wrong reasons and often with false expectations. Remember the meaning of the word “Business” is quite different than the meaning of the words “hobby” or “pastime.” A business requires an investment of both Time and Money, but there is one important element that is […]

A Smart Business Decision?

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What do YOU think? I recently had what I will call a “support ticket exchange” after several sites I was not allowed to ad some sites to a particular TE because they are on the TE’s “banned site list.” I thought ‘hmmm why on EARTH is my blog on their banned list?’ So, I wrote […]