When English is not your first language. . .

Don't let that stop you from marketing!

For many marketers, English is not your first language.

This may cause you to hesitate in fully participating in the Online Marketing world.

That does not need to be the case.

What you need to do is to Take the Necessary Action to improve your English.

There are a number of things you can do to accomplish this very important task.

One of those things is clicking on this banner:

If the banner doesn't work CLICK HERE!

With English Class 101 you will be on the right path to quickly improve your English language skills.

Remember. . .


Only action takers succeed in this industry.

Are you one of them?

Yours in Success,

John L. Brewer

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Virtual Reality for Elementary School Students

Help Make Virtual Reality Lessons Possible For My Daughter's Students

Hello everyone. My daughter is doing a fundraiser for her students. She teaches at Blake Elementary School in Louisville Ky.

Here is part of her story:

Help Make Virtual Reality Lessons Possible For Us!

My students need one smartphone for each pair of Virtual Reality Glasses we have for our students.

My Students

I teach nearly 500 students each week. They range from grades kindergarten through 5th grade. They are a very exciting bunch of little people! They have a huge itch for exploring, creating/designing, and discovering new things. They LOVE coming to STEAM (or STEM) Lab each week. They give me so much positive energy each time that I get the pleasure to teach them.

Even with daily barriers and obstacles they have to overcome just to make it to school each day, I am overjoyed to report that my students constantly come to my class with positive attitudes as well as strong desires to be engaged in their learning.

They are amazing, smart, and curious students! With about 87% of our school’s population qualifying for free and reduced lunch, we are considered a high-poverty and Title 1 school.

Please Click HERE- or copy and paste this link into your browserhttp://ebbt.us/bGYBNx to read about the project and to make a donation if you possibly can. Every little bit helps.

If you donate by the 31st of May, the company will match the amount up to $50!


My daughter is a very hard working and dedicated teacher.

Help her make her give her student's a very valuable educational tool.

Thank you so very much to anyone who can give whatever they can.


John L. Brewer

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Join The Conversation!

The Power Of Networking

Do You Network?

The power of networking is often underestimated in the Internet Marketing industry. Many of those who DO understand that power take full advantage of it. Some who understand the power of networking don't often take full advantage. Then there are those who simply don't get it.

What is Networking?

In a nutshell, networking involves getting to know people in the business circles that you are a part of or would like to be a part of. It's not really about selling stuff to people, it's about making connections, exchanging ideas, and finding out what others think about things in general and also what they think about particular topics, products or services.

Why Should We Network?

We should network because it's one of the best ways to get informed about things that you may not necessarily see in the mainstream of the business areas that you deal with. It is also simply a great way to meet some cool folks. Networking is a golden opportunity for those new to the industry to learn from those who have been around for a while.

What Are You Wating For?

If you have not been taking advantage of networking, then it's about time you start. Participate in Skype, Facebook, Twitter and many of the other social platforms that are available. Also, don't forget other forums that may be available through various membership sites.

At Mardox Marketing we do a live broadcast every weekday (Monday - Friday) at 3 pm Eastern, 12 pm Pacific and 9 pm (Berlin time) in Germany. If you are already a member all you have to do is log in to Mardox for all the details. If you are not yet a member you can join for free by clicking HERE. Come join us and tell us about what you do online, and/or ask questions about things you would like to know.

Thanks for reading my blah blah blah.

Please leave your comments – that is what makes the whole “system” work.

Till next time!
Yours in Success,

John L. Brewer
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Yours in Success,

John L. Brewer

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The X Factor of Marketing…

...Is REPETITION in Advertising.

There are many elements to successful marketing, but no matter what we are promoting, how good or bad we are at how we market, Repetition in Advertising is the element that can make or break you.

There is a lot of whining and complaining in the industry about people not looking at our ads. I always find that very interesting. I find it interesting because one of the first things we learn about being in this industry is that our advertising needs to stand out. Our advertising needs to stand out because there are thousands of marketers competing for millions of "eyes" looking at our advertising, hoping that they will want whatever it is we are advertising. In addition to our ads standing out, we need to make sure that our ads are "out there." Being out there means advertising CONSTANTLY and FREQUENTLY - and this in multiple venues.

Have you ever seen an advertisement that you absolutely HATE, but no matter what you do it's hard to get it out of your head? Well, the reason for that is probably because you see it advertised EVERYWHERE and OFTEN in the places we advertise in our industry. It's as if the ad is actually following you around! Repetition in Advertising is what helps you brand yourself in our industry by getting your ads out there in front of folks CONSTANTLY.

Yes, it's important that our ads are designed in a way that gets someone's attention in the few seconds that they will give you because they are very busy looking at other ads and doing other things related to building their business. But even if our ads absolutely SUCK, the more people see them increases the likelihood that your ads will be noticed.

So, in addition to all the other important elements of good advertising, don't forget about Repetition.

Thanks for reading my blah blah blah.

Please leave your comments – that is what makes the whole “system” work.

Till next time!
Yours in Success,

John L. Brewer
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Can Ad Mediums make people Pay Attention to our ads?

Or is that Our responsibility?

I recently had an interesting discussion with an ad medium that blocked me from viewing ads for the rest of that day because I did not pick the correct "last site viewed" choice on the control question. Which is what spawned this blog post. This IS NOT in any way a complaint about the ad medium in question. The discussion simply brought the topic to my mind.

The question is not if someone should be prevented from viewing ads for a specified amount of time for answering the control question wrong - there is nothing wrong with that. The main reason for control/security questions is to ensure that a real person is viewing the ads as opposed to a "bot" or something similar.

The question is, can we really MAKE people Pay Attention to our ads?


Viewing vs. Paying Attention.

You may be wondering what the difference is between someone "viewing" an ad versus someone "paying attention" to one. Well, it's pretty clear when you give it a little thought.

For example, we see hundreds of commercials every day while watching television, but most of the time we don't pay them very much attention. We saw that a commercial came on, so we may have decided to go to the bathroom, or do something else until the commercial is over. That is a "view." We saw that the commercial came on, but that's pretty much it.

But sometimes - for whatever reason, a commercial catches our eye. We may have even seen that very same commercial hundreds of times, but for some particular reason, we decided to take a closer look, or "pay attention" to it.


Who's responsibility is it?

Can an advertising medium actually  MAKE someone pay attention to our ads? Not really, and it's not their job to do so. The job of an advertising medium is to do their best to see that our ads are getting the best market exposure possible and that the ads are being seen by real people. There are many ways that this is accomplished, the basic method being a countdown timer. I am not going to get into many of the other methods available because that is not the scope of this blog post.

Whether someone pays attention to our ads or not is absolutely positively up to us, the advertiser! There is a reason we are encouraged to make our ads stand out by using various ad design techniques - such as using video, attention-grabbing headlines, buttons, etc.


The conclusion of the matter.

As I mentioned earlier, there exist a wide variety of methods that advertising mediums can use to make sure that our ads are being viewed by real people and not machines. But the obligation of getting someone to pay attention to our ads rests solely on the advertiser.

What do you think?

Thanks for reading my blah blah blah.

I would really like to know what you think about this topic.

Please leave your comments – that is what makes the whole “system” work.

Till next time!
Yours in Success,

John L. Brewer

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BanVertise.com – The Free Banner Advertising Exchange:

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Stress. . .

Should we avoid it?

In the Internet Marketing Industry, stress is something that exists in full measure.
There is more than enough stress to go around for everyone!
The problem is, there is way more stress in the industry than there needs to be.

Many steer far and wide of the stress in the industry. At the first hint of it or the first exposure to it, they have nothing to do with it and even cut ties with the one(s) causing the stress.

That in itself is okay, but should it be our "default choice?"

Stress in itself is not necessarily harmful.

The American Psychological Association has noted: “Stress is to the human condition what tension is to the violin string: too little and the music is dull and raspy; too much and the music is shrill or the string snaps. Stress can be the kiss of death or the spice of life. The issue, really, is how to manage it.”

What stresses one person may not stress another, and how we react to stressful situations varies, of course from person to person.
The problem is, if we always decide to "cut off the stress point" at the outset, we may simply be "moving it down the road" for it to rear it's ugly head later - whether we want it to or not.

A time to Confront and a time to Avoid.

There are certainly situations in which we say from the outset - 'I want nothing to do with this,' and simply leave the stressful environment or get away from the one causing the stress. But is that the way we should deal with it every time? I often hear people say "I only want to surround myself with folks who won't stress me out." That's all well and good - and it is OK to avoid stress if possible, but a negative side effect of that is that we could simply be surrounding ourselves with people who "tickle our ears" and say the things that we want to hear.

Sometimes it is wise to address the element that is the point of the stress. Not doing this can cause a very negative ripple effect in our industry.

I have seen it happen time and time again. Someone ticks someone else off, and the ticked off person starts talking about it their network, or circle of friends (with their version of events of course). Then the other party involved gets wind of it somehow and does the same thing. I have seen people that I have known for years in this industry and for whom I have a lot of respect for say and do some very terrible things.

None of this is necessary. There are ways of handling things without resorting to such measures. This sort of thing is poisonous to our industry and to society as a whole.

A bit of Heavenly advice

Here are a few hints from God's Word that can help us deal with these situations. Even if one is not a spiritual person, the principles can still be put into practice. If one is a spiritual person, now would be a good time to make a good self-examination and see where they stand according to God's view of right and wrong.

Here we go:

When someone upsets you, try to stay calm. Do not add fuel to the fire. “A mild answer turns away rage, but a harsh word stirs up anger,” says Proverbs 15:1.

Try to settle differences privately and respectfully, thus dignifying the other person.—Matthew 5:23-25.

Try to gain insight into his or her feelings and viewpoint. Such insight “slows down [our] anger” because it puts us in the other person’s shoes. (Proverbs 19:11) It can also help us to see ourselves through the other person’s eyes.

Try to forgive. Forgiveness is not only beautiful. It is also good medicine. As reported in a 2001 study, “unforgiving thoughts” resulted in “significantly higher” blood pressure and heart rate, whereas a forgiving attitude reduced stress.—Colossians 3:13.

Well worth the effort.

Granted, it is not always possible to even try to take these steps. Or we may try to apply these principles and fail. The point is, we tried.

There is enough crap in our industry that we have to deal with. Let's try to be a part of the solution and not a part of the problem.

You may agree with me, disagree agree, with me, or don't care one way or the other about what I have to say, and that's OK. Just remember that we all have a stake in making our industry a much better place to work in.

I would love to hear your thoughts on this, but if you disagree, please be civil in your comments.

Yours in Success,

John L. Brewer

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If You Value Your Business…

Invest in it's Success!

This blog post is a bit long, but there is something I need to rant about a bit - lol

In the Internet Marketing Industry, there is often a lack of appreciation for the fact that we ARE IN BUSINESS.
Anyone who runs an off-line business knows that in order for their business to be successful they must invest in it.
Online businesses are no different, but somehow there is a false perception that there IS a difference.
There seems to be a perception by new folks coming into the Internet Marketing Industry that everything can be done either for free or very inexpensively. Nothing can be further from the truth. While starting an online business is much easier in many cases than starting an off-line business, it still takes INVESTMENT of time and MONEY!

Case in point:

Recently the Easy Business Builder marketing system announced that there will be a price increase in February 2018. It is a relatively new marketing system and when it came on the scene it was said that once it was established the price of an upgraded membership will go up. Now that time has come, but somehow there are members who say they are not prepared to pay the price increase. There is the opportunity to be "grandfathered in" at the current subscription price - which is a valuable deal, but come February 2018 the price will go up.

Having the correct perspective

Newcomers to the industry may not have the proper perspective on things when choosing whether or not to invest, or how much to invest in the tools needed to help their BUSINESS become successful. One needs to break down the TRUE VALUE of the tools they use - especially when it comes to a Marketing System such as Easy Business Builder. A Marketing System is not a simple stand-alone tool. It is a compilation of Several marketing tools. EBB is no exception.

EBB offers such tools as:

1. Autoresponder
2. Lead management
3. Email template management
4. Tracking
5. Page creator
6. Mailer Management

These tools when subscribed to separately add up to about $69 a month on the low end. The tools listed above are only SOME of the tools that Easy Business Builder provides. If you were to add up all the services EBB offers it would cost you at least $200 a month on the low end.

Breaking it down

What it comes down to is this, fellow marketers. When we join a particular program we need to learn how to ascertain the VALUE of it. In order to do that properly, we would benefit by looking at things from the program owner's perspective. What do I mean? Well, when we shop at our favorite stores we are not just paying for the base price of that bag of chips, loaf of bread, carton of eggs, etc. We are also paying for what it costs to keep the store open and to pay the employees who work there.

When we pay for certain services such as lessons to learn how to play a musical instrument, tutoring for our kids, learning a foreign language, getting someone to shovel our snow or mow our lawn, car repair, etc., we are not just paying for the basic price of those services. We are also paying for the investment that the providers of those services made (and continue to make in some cases) in learning how to do those things, perfecting their craft, and paying for any equipment or supplies that might be needed. Not to mention the TIME that it takes to be able to build their business in a manner that enables them to offer you VALUE for the money that you pay them.

Now - when it comes to paying for online tools and services such as Marketing Systems, if we only think from a USER'S perspective we only see what kinds of cool things we can do with the service and what it will cost us every month. But what about the TIME and EXPENSE it took to create the Marketing System in the first place? What about how much it would cost to pay for these tools individually from different sources? What about the EXPENSE it takes to pay for hosting, servers, etc.? THAT is what Marketing System OWNERS thinks about when they figure out what to charge for their program.

Getting What We Pay For

If the QUALITY of the service and the SUPPORT that is offered for its members is up to standard - and even beyond our expectations, then we most certainly get what we pay fore. Most times than not, we get even more. But if we think that we can use free or very inexpensive tools and services and get the same level of quality and support, then we are fooling ourselves.

The Bottom line

The bottom line is that we need to be prepared to invest in quality tools and services if we want our BUSINESSES to have long-term success. I fully understand if someone may not have it in their budget at the moment to subscribe to such Marketing Systems as Easy Business Builder. But let's not "shoot the messenger" when we are told that the price is going up. Either we can pay for it or not. It is up to US to set our priorities and make certain sacrifices like not buying that so much of that fast food every month, or buying that computer game, or whatever we sometimes spend our hard earned cash on even when we don't HAVE to. My brother used to tell me and my sisters when we were growing up that we have to learn how to separate our "wants" from our "needs." Is it any different when it comes to investing in our online business?

Thanks again for listening to my blah blah blah.

I would love to hear your comments.

Yours in Success,

John L. Brewer

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Don’t Be A Blob!

Be A Brand!

What is Branding, and why is it important?

Basically, branding is all about being recognized and remembered.

When we brand ourselves we not only show who we are but also what we are all about. The first point is obvious, but the second is a bit more complicated. Let's talk about the first point. . .

Showing Who We Are

When we surf Traffic Exchanges and read Safelist and Mailer emails, we often see the easiest form of branding in our industry - the profile picture. It is usually the actual picture of the advertiser or their logo. This is the simplest and most basic way to brand ourselves. It is simple and easy because, in every TE or Safelist/Mailer we join, there is normally the possibility to place our profile picture in the profile/personal information area of the site. When people see our picture or logo often enough, they start to become familiar with us.

But there is something that really puzzles me. Even though this is the easiest form of branding, many don't take advantage of it. Instead of having a picture or a logo, they have a "blob."


Now tell me, do you recognize these marketers? OF COURSE NOT! How in the HECK can we recognize a blob? And remember - a blob with glasses is still a blob! A blob is nameless, faceless and has absolutely no character whatsoever.




THIS is what Basic Branding is all about! Here you see faces and logos. Some of them you may even recognize. That's the idea!

When people see our faces or logos over and over again, they begin to - in a sense, get to KNOW us.


Now let's talk about the first point. . .

What we are all about

As I mentioned above, this point is more complicated. It's more complicated becaus it involves many "moving parts." You see, the object of this area of branding is getting people to LIKE and to TRUST us. This aspect of our marketing is much harder!

What makes you like someone? What makes you trust someone? Of course the answer varies from person to person, and can include lots of specific and even spontanious things. It may be a bit easier to ask what makes you not like or trust someone? These aspects can be much easier to point out.

What does that mean for us? For one thing, that means we need to pay attention to What We Promote. If we promote questionable products, hyped up programs and services that don't deliver what they promise, then we are making a name for ourselves - a BAD one! We also need to pay attention to how we communicate with others within the various programs and services and on the various social media platforms. A basic rule of thumb is to treat people as you would like to be treated. It's funny how that principle is so easily forgotten. Unfortunately gossip, name calling, slandaring, and many other bad aspects of human society are alive and well in our industry.

Some of these negative things can be displayed by any one of us at any time. None of us are immune to such things - we are all human. But the problem lies with those who persist in such behavior. This is the kind of thing that can give us a bad reputation, affecting our "brand" in a negative way.


The Bottom Line

Money is not a true measure of success! If we wish to have true success in this industry we need to pay attention to what we market, how we market it, and what type of service we privide to those who "buy our stuff" or join our programs and services. Paying attention to what we market and how is the easy part. But providing good service to people who join our programs and services is more complicated. It involves actually having a product or service! THAT is a subject for another blog post!

Thanks again for listening to my blah blah blah.

See you next time! (I will try to make it more sooner than later)

Yours in Success,

John L. Brewer

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Paid To Click

A Good or Bad Idea?

PTC - Many of us have been there and done that as far as using PTC sites, but are they really good for the industry?

This IS NOT a slam against PTC sites and/or their owners. As with everything else, a person must make up their own mind if they want to be a part of a particular service or use a particular product.

The reason I raise the question is because of the prevalence of "penny clickers" in our industry. Some people choose to focus on doing things that give them a few cents here and there instead of focusing on building a true income with their online endeavors by using a viable strategy. If that is your "thing," then that is OK, but it is important for us to think about WHY we are doing what we are doing online.

It is important for us to think about our reasons for participating in any form of Internet Marketing. Is it our intention to earn an income, or are we simply doing it for fun - as a kind of hobby or way of networking with people? If we are doing it to earn money, then we need to take it seriously and consider what we are doing as a part or full-time business. If we call ourselves being in business, then we need to consider how we spend our time online and what we choose to do with that time.

Far too many people seem to concentrate on the "pennies" instead of the "dollars." Sure, one can earn money by belonging to a bunch of things that we earn a bit of change with by doing certain things like clicking on ads and such but is that a good use of our time if it is our intention to earn an online income

Many new people coming into Internet Marketing industry seem to think that all they have to do is join something, click or promote some things and the cash will start rolling in! It is good for those of us who have been at this for a while to ask ourselves if we are contributing to this myth. There is enough "get rich quick" crap online today. We don't need to be part of the problem!

Which brings me back to PTC. On the surface, one might think of PTC sites as a great advertising vehicle -  people look at our ads and even get paid a few cents to do so. But the question is WHY are people looking at our ads? Are they looking at them because they are searching for something of use or value to them, or are they looking at them to get a few pennies? I would venture to say that people who belong to PTC sites are looking for an easy way to make some money. There is nothing really wrong with that in it'self, but is there a danger there? Do we run the risk of spending so much of our valuable time chasing small change instead of investing our time with a business strategy that will eventually lead to a steady income?

If you are someone who earns a good deal of money with PTC and things like that then more power to you! I am not trying to rain on your parade or anything. Actually, the people who DO earn a good amount of money doing things like that have a "method in their madness" - a strategy. But then there are the folks who think they can make tons of money in a short period of time by doing things like that, and the folks who prey on them! You see, Paid to Click, Paid to Join and other things like that opens the industry up to fraud. Folks with very good intentions are unwittingly contributing to the pockets of the "snake oil salesmen" that creep in there with the honest marketers.

Program owners need to seriously consider what they do, why they are doing it, and how it affects their reputation - their BRAND. If program owners would be more strict about who they allow advertising on their sites, then maybe the Internet Marketing industry could actually clean up its act. So my question remains: Is PTC a good idea or a bad one? I would really like to know what folks in the industry think about this topic.

Thanks for reading my blah blah blah.

As I said above, I would really like to know what you think about this topic.

Please leave your comments – that is what makes the whole “system” work.

Till next time!
Yours in Success,

John L. Brewer
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Is Your Business Organized?

How Organized Is It?

Along our journey on the road of Internet Marketing, we end up joining lots of things. That simply cannot be avoided. No matter how often we tell ourselves 'I won't join another TE, Safelist, ETC... Bam! there we go joining the next one. Yes, we should really try to minimize joining things simply on a whim, but joining things is something we do in our industry - period.

The topic of this post is not about joining things or not, but about being ORGANIZED. That is a "four letter word" for some of us. Which is something that each one of us needs to examine in regards to our online business.

Often this is one of those things that we know we need to do, but put it off. Or even worse, we THINK we are quite organized, but when we are really honest, there are some changes we could make in the way we do things.

Some of us have our own methods of being organized that work quite well. If that is the case, maybe we could share that method with others by creating a report about it or even a program.

I have a couple of tools that I have such as a program for organizing my links and a program for being organized in general, but I must honestly admit that I don't always use them. Shame on me! Having the best plan in the world means NOTHING if we don't actually USE the things we have.

Being organized is a very important aspect of being in business. It is something that we all probably need to improve on. So give it some thought. How organized are YOU?

Thanks for reading my blah blah blah.

Please leave your comments – that is what makes the whole "system" work.

Till next time!
Yours in Success,

John L. Brewer
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