Is Your Business Organized?

How Organized Is It?

Along our journey on the road of Internet Marketing, we end up joining lots of things. That simply cannot be avoided. No matter how often we tell ourselves 'I won't join another TE, Safelist, ETC... Bam! there we go joining the next one. Yes, we should really try to minimize joining things simply on a whim, but joining things is something we do in our industry - period.

The topic of this post is not about joining things or not, but about being ORGANIZED. That is a "four letter word" for some of us. Which is something that each one of us needs to examine in regards to our online business.

Often this is one of those things that we know we need to do, but put it off. Or even worse, we THINK we are quite organized, but when we are really honest, there are some changes we could make in the way we do things.

Some of us have our own methods of being organized that work quite well. If that is the case, maybe we could share that method with others by creating a report about it or even a program.

I have a couple of tools that I have such as a program for organizing my links and a program for being organized in general, but I must honestly admit that I don't always use them. Shame on me! Having the best plan in the world means NOTHING if we don't actually USE the things we have.

Being organized is a very important aspect of being in business. It is something that we all probably need to improve on. So give it some thought. How organized are YOU?

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