Do you have the “BMW mindset?”

By | April 3, 2016

If you want to build an Online Business – ANY type of Online Business, then you need to have the “BMW Mindset.” 

‘What the heck is John talking about?’ you ask. Well, check this out: If you had the desire to buy a new BMW and didn’t have the money for it, what would you do? Would you save up the money that you need and do things to earn some extra money so that you could reach your goal more sooner than later? Or would you complain that the car dealerships ought to lower the prices they charge so that you could afford to buy a BMW from them? The second scenario is ridiculous right? But that is exactly what the Online Business owner of today (and yes, even you simply do Affiliate Marketing or promoting whatever it is you promote, YOU ARE RUNNING AN ONLINE BUSINESS!) expects to happen. Many marketers today seem to think that they should be able to run a business online for next to nothing.

That is a part of what is wrong with the industry today. People REFUSE TO INVEST in their business.
They would rather believe the hype about becoming rich overnight by pushing a few buttons or posting a few links.
That is exactly why upwards of 90% of Online Marketers don’t earn any real money.
The Internet Marketers that
do earn money know all the “blood sweat and tears” that is involved and are not afraid to tell folks about this “unsexy” aspect of the industry.

The question is… where do YOU fit in to this?
If you think you can have success in this industry by only doing “free things” then you are fooling yourself.
If you would not walk into a car dealership and ask them to lower the price of their BMW so you can buy it,
WHY ON EARTH would you reason that you should be able to be successful in Online business buy investing little or no TIME and MONEY into whatever it is that you do online?

Don’t get e wrong, free is OK. Free is pretty darned cool, but it is by no means enough. When we don’t have the money to invest then we NEED to “do the free thing” so that we can keep our name out there and BUILD OUR LIST so that we have an audience of folks who have a true interest in what we have to offer. If you have a bunch of “give me a whole lot for nothing” people on your list (and YES you do NEED TO BUILD YOUR LIST) – then you will not make any money in the Online Business industry.

Do YOU have the “BMW Mindset?”

Till next time!

Yours in Success,

John L. Brewer

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