A Smart Business Decision?

By | February 2, 2017

What do YOU think?

I recently had what I will call a “support ticket exchange” after several sites I was not allowed to ad some sites to a particular TE because they are on the TE's “banned site list.” I thought 'hmmm why on EARTH is my blog on their banned list?'

So, I wrote a support ticket and got the following answer: "All (***) urls are banned because many of them contain Trojans.” The (***) in question is a tracker. While I respect the right of any TE owner to ban sites that he or she feels is bad for the TE, I question the business logic in banning an entire tracker. I can understand if it is some kind of strange “here today gone tomorrow” tracking service that indeed contains mostly virus prone links, but a tracker that is widely used by many in the industry?

As a user of the TE in question I have a decision to make. Do I simply shrug my shoulders and use another tracker for this TE? Or do I get offended because this throws an unexpected (and in my opinion, unnecessary) curve into my marketing plans and simply stop using this TE? Since I am a free member of this TE it may not matter much to the owner, but what if I was a marketer with a rather large budget looking for somewhere to invest my advertising dollars?

Actually, it should not matter if we have a large budget or a micro one, any money we spend in our business is an INVESTMENT, and should be treated as such by the one spending it, and should be RESPECTED as such by the person receiving it.

So again I ask the question: is banning all URLs from an entire tracking system because of a perceived threat (I say perceived because I have never heard of ANY TE owner having a problem with this tracker due to Trojans)?

What say you?

Thanks for reading my blah blah blah.

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8 thoughts on “A Smart Business Decision?

  1. Elina Balashova

    Funny thing though that every time one of my members reports a site and I see that it comes from tracker/rotator/coop and I report that link to the owner of that tracker/rotator/coop, they say it is not in their system. Just recently got another answer just like that :). Some owners are not waiting long and just ban the whole thing until it is resolved.
    Not sure if there is banning “just because” still around.

    1. admin Post author

      Hi Elina,

      Thank you for that insight. Since you are a TE owner it is great to hear your thoughts on this.

      These are the things that more owners should blog about. It is interesting stuff for those of us who are basically simply “users.”

      No one should ever think that stuff like this “common knowledge.”

      Thanks for your comment! 🙂

  2. James Dias

    You raise an Interesting and amazing point. For me if a tracker is dirty ( has code that can cause harm) then yes I have to ban it. this is for the security to the members PC as well as my own as i check sites every single day and do it by hand.

    If i add a site to the black list its because on more than too many times i had issues with that site program and or tracer.

    I get your feeling of why is my blog an issue but it may….. not be your blog. it might be the shortner or tracker your using.

    1. admin Post author

      Hey James,

      Yes, I do understand that sites would have to be banned for such things.

      I guess it would be good to know if the TE had spoken with the owner of the tracker.

      Thanks for your insight dude!

  3. Nick Grimshawe

    Hi John,
    I don’t think you should get upset with the TE or the owner. If it’s not a major TE critical to your program, I’d just move on. However, I would report the problem to the owners of the tracker so that they can take a look. Perhaps someone is abusing the service.


    1. admin Post author

      Hey Nick,

      Yes, been there done that. Finding out some interesting things.
      At the moment I will simply use another tracker for that TE as I am still testing the results.

      Thanks for your comment sir!

  4. Ellyn R Weber-Bynum

    Hi John,

    I was confused at first by your use of the term “tracker” because I’ve never had that problem when using a tracking link.

    Now, using ROTATORS and/or CO-OPS, YES…always have had problems using these links in TEs. Invariably, the links would be paused, and I would get those Traffic Exchange Monitor emails stating that something is wrong with my link and it has been suspended. And the reason is always the same: links to banned sites have made their way into the rotator/co-op.

    I used to notify the rotator/co-op owners and the problem would be fixed…until it happened again. I had the rotator/co-op links at many TEs, so I was getting the notices frequently. It got to a point where dealing with the problem was getting tiresome, so I’ve just stopped actively adding credits to them (at some TEs, I may have a small percentage auto-assigned while surfing, but that’s about it).

    But actual tracking links? Never had a problem with those.

    1. admin Post author

      Hi Ellyn,

      Yea, I could understand if the problem was with a co-op or rotator, but never ever ever never had that happen with a tracker.

      Strange indeed.

      Thank you so kindly for your comment 🙂


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