Constructive criticism?

By | February 7, 2017

Or Negative Bashing?

You know, it is everyone's right to disagree with someone or to not like a particular product or service, but there is a point where we can get carried away.

I write this post because of comments I have been hearing in my networking circles and some public settings on topics such as "gamification," pay processors, Facebook, Twitter, Traffic Exchange strategies and so on. That is nothing new, but the problem I have is when the criticism gets pointed to a particular program service or group and is based more on "opinion" than fact. That should bother us all. It should bother us because we are talking about people's branding and reputation.

I am fortunate enough to be surrounded by people who have much more knowledge about many aspects of online business than I do. I look to theses people for a balanced and thought out view on our industry so that I can make better decisions about where and how to invest my time and money. Never-the-less, I endeavor to use my "clear thinking faculties" and make decisions according to what makes business and common sense.

If we are going to see real change in this industry then we need to "start with the man/woman in the mirror" and make sure we are not contributing (knowingly or unknowingly) to the problems instead of being part of the solution. When we are "against" something or someone then we need to make sure what we spit out to "the public" (our customers/members/users) is based on FACTS that can be presented, and not on our opinions because we don't like a particular style of doing business or advertising or because we have some sort of conflict (justifiably or unjustifiably) with certain folks in the industry.

With success comes responsibility. On the same note, those who are successful in the industry do not have to "justify" their success to others simply because some may be jealous of their success and feel that "it's not fair." If you are a success at what you do and are not being dishonest to your customers, then KUDOS to you! Keep doing what you do and be careful not to rain on someone else's parade when they doing the same thing.

If you are not as successful in your present business endeavors as you would like to be, don't become a whiner and a hater. Evaluate what you are doing, take the good advice (or well intended) from others that you may not want to hear because it rubs your ego the wrong way, and then adjust or change what you may be doing wrong. The most important thing is to HANG IN THERE!

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2 thoughts on “Constructive criticism?

  1. Catherine White

    Looking in the mirror is a great place to start.
    If you want to make changes, start with yourself.
    Bashing others doesn’t do anyone an good it just creates negative energy.
    I agree, let’s keep it positive.

    1. John L. Brewer Post author

      Hi Cathy,

      Yes. It’s high time we focus on the positive in our industry.
      We all have enough negative in our lives.

      Thanks for commenting 🙂


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