How is our reflection?

By | March 11, 2017

What we say and do affects our brand

Our business dealings are a reflection of who we are as people. Β In our industry people normally only get a short amount of time to "meet" us. This comes through our advertising, blogging, videos, live online broadcasts, etc. As is often the case, first impressions are lasting ones. If we unintentionally make a bad first impression on someone, then it will take a lot of work to make things better - if we can at all. I say 'unintentionally' because no one in their right mind should want to make a bad impression on someone.

We are the sum total of our personality

That personality has been shaped and molded over the years in various ways and for various reasons. Also, if we are dealing with certain illnesses (high/low blood pressure, diabetes, etc) Β or physiological disorders (depression, Aspergers syndrome, bipolar disorder, etc) that affects how we do things as well, even though we might not realize it. Thing is, we often see what we WANT to see about ourselves, and not what others may see. We sometimes also like to listen to those who "tickle our ears" by telling us what we want to hear instead of telling us the truth about particular matters. Unfortunately the people who try to tell us the "un-sexy truth" are often ignored.

There is a right way and a wrong way of doing just about everything

Criticism is no different. There is constructive criticism and criticism for criticism's sake - not caring if it is done in the best way possible or not. With rights come responsibility. Just because we have the "right" to say what we want when we want and how we want does not mean that we should. There is a way of being critical without being unnecessarily hurtful. Sometimes we cant avoid hurting someone's feelings because some folks are rather "thin skinned" and don't take criticism easily. We can't do much about that, but we CAN do something about how we say what we say, or how we react to what others say. Why am I telling you all of this you may ask. What the heck does it have to do with marketing and online business? Please read on πŸ™‚

Transforming our industry

There has been much talk in the industry about change - that our industry needs to be improved. The more I see talk about cleaning up the industry the more I see all kinds of negative negative negative. What makes it worse is that this negative comes from those who have been around in this industry for quite some time. I have seen and heard people in this industry that I respect a lot say and do some things that simply are not cool. Often, when you try to approach such folks and politely point some things out to them they "stand by their rights" to say and do whatever they want. This shows a serious lack of humility - a characteristic that is unfortunately difficult to cultivate for the majority of mankind.

Making better choices

We have absolutely no control of what others say or do, be we have the ability to control how we REACT to what they say or do. Someone can be "as wrong as snow in July," but it does not make us "more right" by returning their attitude in kind - giving back what we received. It may feel good at the time, but it's still wrong, and there is no "right way to be wrong." If this sort of attitude persists in our industry, then we can forget about this "change" that everyone is talking about.

This is something I simply had to "get off my chest" because I keep running into it time and time again. I was even the culprit a while back until I realized the mistake I made and apologized to the person that I offended - even though I still disagreed with their point of view at the time. That took humility, and it's something that I do my best to cultivate every day of my life. Then I can look in the mirror and like the reflection that I see, and hope that my online and offline business practices reflect that as well.

So.... what do YOU reflect?

Thanks again for reading my blah blah blah πŸ™‚

Till next time!

John L. Brewer

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12 thoughts on “How is our reflection?

  1. fran klasinski - warriorlady

    It’s a serious lack of respect rather than humility. No doubt these people feel they have been humiliated for even trying.

    Your point is well taken in how we present ourselves. Social media has allowed too much “freedom of expression.” The payback can be lost jobs and a questionable future.
    Is it important to be right, or important to form issues into questions so the solutions can be acceptable to all?

    Don’t call me ‘stupid’ while you are looking in a mirror ;o))

  2. Kenworth Peters

    I like what you said about, “there is a right and wrong way for almost everything”. Personally, when we consider others as we consider ourselves, we would always be mindful of what we say and how we treat others.

  3. Jon Olson

    “We have absolutely no control of what others say or do…” This is spot on.

    I loved what Brian Tracy once said….”People’s opinion of you is none of YOUR business…”

    I tried to fight it for years. Wanted everyone to love me and if they disagreed with me, I went on the attack. That didn’t get me far lol

    Great post man, some insight for sure!

    1. John L. Brewer Post author

      Hey Jon,

      Very interesting quote from Brian Tracy.
      I appreciate your comment and your humble admission to how you used to deal with things.
      Not many are willing to do that.

      Thanks dude! πŸ™‚

  4. Nick Grimshawe

    Hi John

    Thanks for another thoughtful article.
    I agree that humility is important to cultivate, because humility allows us to see ourselves as some on else might see us, and then to understand their position.
    There has been a lot of talk about change within the industry and how that change can take place.

    One of the places I see that is in the blogs I’m reading, where people are more serious about questioning the status quo, and searching for answers and ways to change.

    That’s a good thing.

    Thanks for your article once again John.


    1. John L. Brewer Post author

      Hello Nick,

      Yes, it’s nice to know that there are those who are determined to go “against the wind” and do things differently than they have been done up till now.

      Thanks for your kind comment Nick πŸ™‚

  5. Kerri Foster

    This is well written, John. I agree what we do and say can have a direct impact on the response of people around. us. You also made a great point about the actions of others are something that we cannot control. Our actions are the only thing we can do anything about, and we can strive to make those actions good ones.

    1. John L. Brewer Post author

      Hi Kerri,

      I’m glad you liked the post. Yes, it is some serious food for thought. In the end WE are in control of ourselves – no matter what others say or do.

      Thanks for commenting!


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