How do you interact with your program members?

By | March 19, 2017

"Sleepers" can wake up at any time.

I had an interesting email exchange with a program owner. I have been a member of the program for a number of years, but for one reason or another never really did much with it.

The basis of the discussion was that I was not able to take advantage of something that was advertised in the membership area of this program as being only available to "upgraded members." There was no mention of a "minimum upgrade," so I took the lowest one available.

After not being able to take advantage of what was offered I contacted support. I was contacted by one of the co-owners. At first the exchange was rather normal and pleasant. I explained my problem and the co-owner explained why I was not able to take advantage of what was being offered even though I was upgraded. I mentioned that I felt a bit misled. The co-owner understood, apologized, said that the wording would be changed and offered to give me a refund. I was even offered a discount on an upgrade that would qualify me for what was being offered, but I simply could not fit it in my budget at the time, so I didn't take advantage of it, but decided to keep the upgrade that I already had paid for.

That would have normally would have been the end of things until I noticed that the wording on the payment page was changed, but not the wording in the members area that you see that encourages you to upgrade. I mentioned that to the co-owner and received the following response:

"I am a little confused though, you have been a member for almost 5 years, have no referrals and are not even promoting CS, even though you are Upgraded.

So what do you think ***** (the advertised offer) will do to aid your future? Also, why should I keep spending all this time with you?
You have done nothing but complain about wording, which no one else has ever cared about.
Just what is your problem?
I have no time to waste on this topic- either Upgrade or don't- ***** (the advertised offer) is not needed for earning commissions.
Well, that upset me a bit. It upset me because first of all that was a bit rude, and second of all I was just trying to make the co-owner aware of something that someone else may make a very big deal out of because it could be a case of false advertising.
After that unpleasant exchange I did some networking about that particular co-owner and received some mixed reviews. In the end I came to the conclusion (thanks to the networking that I did) that the person was probably reacting in frustration, but that it was no reflection on the benefits of  the advertised offer. So I decided to simply drop it, but could not get the exchange out of my head. Thus, the birth of this blog post.
For all practical purposes I was (at the time of the exchange) an upgraded member and received such treatment, not from my upline, but from the CO-OWNER of the program. Not good.
Anyone who has been in our industry for a while knows that folks often join things for free and then do nothing with it until something for some reason (like the advertisement of a special offer for upgraded members) encourages them to get active in a certain program/service that they had done nothing with for quite sometime. Should those "sleepers" be treated with disrespect, or be welcomed with open arms?
What say you?
Thanks for reading my blah blah blah.

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12 thoughts on “How do you interact with your program members?

  1. Nick Grimshawe

    I worked in a large retail company in Canada, and if any one of my staff said anything remotely like that to a customer they would be fired. Considering that the industry has just gone through a big shake out, you would think that owners would be willing to go the extra mile, not complain that you are causing them extra work!

    Showing your frustration to a customer is not an option either.

    I am continually amazed by this attitude.

    Thanks for the report.


    1. John L. Brewer Post author

      Hey there Nick,

      Yes, I was surprised as well. I agree with you. If someone worked for me and treated a customer like that they would be history!

      I guess the recent shakeup didn’t shake things up enough!

      Thanks for your comment!

  2. Paul Serban

    If a site owner behaves so with its members, the more one upgrade probably will soon disappear from the industry.
    My first reaction would be to permanently delete my account, in fact there are hundreds (thousands) of other TEs.

    1. John L. Brewer Post author

      Hey Paul.

      Well, I discontinued my upgrade. Figured I would leave it at that for now.

      Thanks a lot for commenting!

  3. Jon Olson

    I used to have that attitude. I really did.

    It was the ‘i’m doing you a favor’ attitude.

    And it almost destroyed me and my company.

    Our lifeblood and reason for being in business….Is our people and customers.

    Without them, we are nothing.

    We still screw up from time to time, but I’ve learned to never talk ‘down’ to anyone. It’s wrong on so many levels.

  4. Catherine White

    What a shame…..this co-owner lost a perfect opportunity to convert you into a life long fan. I think your concerns were valid if the mis-wording on the site lead you to believe you were getting something you didn’t.
    As an owner, you should always try to provide more, not less.

    1. John L. Brewer Post author

      Hello Cathy,

      Yes, that’s what I kinda thought things were all about. Guess we are wrong huh? 🙂

      Thanks for commenting!

  5. Nelson Buck

    In no way what so ever should a website owner treat a PAID or FREE member in that way. I’m at a loss for words. I recently had an exchange with a site owner using the “You Could’a”, “You Should’a”, and “You Would’a” phrases. This ticked me off and I received a similar response from that person. “Look either join/pay or get lost!”… What is happening to our society today.???

    1. John L. Brewer Post author

      Hello Nelson,

      Yes, sometimes folks want “the world” without even indicating that they will be an active part of your service/program. Although this is not a great attitude to deal with, we must do our best to remain as polite as possible. There is enough rudeness in our industry.

      Thanks for commenting!

  6. Ellyn Weber-Bynum

    Yes, that was extremely rude AND uncalled for.

    Is the OTHER owner aware of this exchange, and did you make contact with him/her? What did they say about it? They’re condoning this behavior?

    Now…with that being said…I have seen this “attitude” demonstrated before in our industry, and in the online marketing world in general. It IS the attitude of having to “deal with” members/referrals/downline who constantly ask questions, always need assistance, submit complaints, etc….yet, are NOT active in the program. They may not be rude directly to the person, as you have experienced, but oohhh, they talk about them BIG time, and NOT in a positive way. I see it on Facebook all the time. They refer to it as having to “hand hold” these members and, frankly (especially if they do have many referrals/big organization) they don’t have the time for it…if they’re not getting a return (because the members aren’t active). Yes, it’s self-serving and unfortunate, but that attitude is out there.

    1. John L. Brewer Post author

      Hello Ellyn,

      Yes, a self-serving industry indeed.
      Whether we like it or not, some folks simply need some extra help in understanding things. If they don’t become our customer or active member at the moment, maybe they will later in this or another program/service – especially if we were patient with them.

      Granted, there is the occasional “total jerk” that has to be dealt with rather sternly, but that is usually the exception rather than the rule.

      Thanks a lot for your comment! 🙂


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