Sometimes Things Go Wrong

By | November 9, 2018

Problems are a part of business.

Recently, in an Affiliate Marketing system that I am a member of there was a technical problem of some sort, therefore the affiliate links didn’t work. As a result, members (including me) started writing support tickets and commenting in the Facebook group. But that’s not really the problem.

The problem is that some members started complaining – which is also understandable, BUT sometimes certain complaints are made without an understanding that even the best of programs, services, etc., have issues sometimes.

This speaks to the professionalism of both users and program owners. Sure, things should work as they are supposed to – especially when it comes to a person’s marketing process being affected. This can especially happen with a new program or system. Now, mind you, there program owners who really suck at being program owners and should either get their act together or find something else to do.

Some people act like they never make mistakes and therefore have no understanding of the mistakes or shortcomings of others – especially when it comes to marketing and other aspects of online business. As I mentioned earlier, sometimes complaints are very valid, but we must remember to put things in their proper perspective.

Program USERS need to learn to look at things from the perspective of program owners. Program OWNERS also need to understand the perspective of the user (who can sometimes act like children).

Professionalism is the key. Just because we do business online does not mean that we can be lax when it comes to running a business. Folks need to do their due diligence and get SERIOUS about what they do in our industry. This is NOT a playground as some tend to treat it. This is also not a “free for all” in the sense that we should expect to be able to get and do everything for free or for chump change, and still have success.

Thanks for reading my blah blah blah.

What are your thoughts on this subject?

Please leave your comments – that is what makes the whole “system” work.

Yours in Success,

John L. Brewer

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4 thoughts on “Sometimes Things Go Wrong

  1. Elizabeth D Reed

    Great post, John. So true we all should be respectful of each other.
    It can be difficult for those that understand the inside workings of a program when we users complain too much. But at the same time users have a responsibility to inform, research and review any site that they are trying to promote or become affiliated with.
    Mistakes happen. But those mistakes shouldn’t stop us from continuing to do our best for others and ourselves!

    1. John L. Brewer Post author

      Hello Elizabeth,

      You are so very right. Inform, research, review – three very important aspects of our industry.
      Thanks for your comment! 🙂

  2. Barbara DelGiudice

    Hi, John I totally agree and especially the “Free for All” part. As an owner I have to pay for everything so how can I be expected to give it away for free. I have to pay all my bills and the server my site is on.

    Have a nice day/evening, John!

    1. John L. Brewer Post author

      Hello Barb,

      That is an aspect of our industry that I think most users never think about – especially the server part.
      It’s like customers who expect stores to remain open longer. They don’t think about the cost of electricity and of paying employees – especially when there are few customers during those extended hours.

      Thanks a lot for your comment, and for commenting so often on my blog posts. I wish you continued success with AdKreator!


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