A Powerful Marketing “One-Two” Punch!

Two Programs That Can Enhance Your Marketing Results

I would like to tell you about two marketing tools that can Increase Your Marketing Results if used to their full potential.

These programs are the creation of  Master Internet Marketer Marty Petrizza. They offer powerful mailing tools and bonus advertising from over 90 (and counting) Mailer and Traffic Exchange sources.

The first one I want to highlight is Marty's Referral Frenzy program.



The Referral Frenzy program enables you to send out a promotional email to over One Hundred mailers with push-button ease.

The mailers are broken down into two lists - Plain Text and HTML. Each list also shows you how many credits you have available in each mailer and also if there are a certain number of emails you have to read in a mailer before you can mail your promotion. You also have the ability to log in to the mailer from within the Referral Frenzy program.

Another feature of the program is that you can advertise three Text Ads and three 468 x 60 Banners. These stay in constant rotation throughout the Members area.

One very valuable feature of  Referral Frenzy is the Bonus Advertising section. There is a pretty long list of both Traffic Exchanges and Mailers that offer Monthly Credit Bonuses - a very valuable feature.

There are also other features of Referral Frenzy that are pretty cool as well. You can CLICK HERE to take a look.


The next one I want to highlight is Marty's Referral Builder Elite program.

This program gives you the ability to fill in the Downline Builders of many programs. At last count, there are 2283 programs in the Referral Builder Elite directory. A Very Valuable Time-Saving Tool! What's even cooler is that if you are a member of Referral Frenzy, you can automatically transfer the login information from the sites you have registered at Referral Frenzy into Referral Builder Elite. No need to enter the same information again. How cool is that!

Sometimes site owners change the sites in their downline builders. Every site that Referral Builder Elite finds while checking the Referral Builders in other sites automatically gets added into the RBE site directory. No matter how often site owners update their Referral Builders, you'll always be able to add, edit and update your IDs in Referral Builder Elite. Again, How cool is that!

Also, just as in the Referral Frenzy program, there is a Bonus Advertising section. Again, a very valuable feature.

As with Referral Frenzy, there are also other features of Referral Builder Elite that are pretty cool as well.

You can CLICK HERE to take a look.

I highly recommend both programs for all marketers who are SERIOUS about being successful in this industry.

The serious marketer is always on the lookout for marketing tools that can enhance their marketing efforts.

It is always my goal to help you in that regard.

Yours in Success,

John L. Brewer